Mr. Manoj Mehta is the founder & Director of Blisstree Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Born and raised in Delhi, he holds a Bachelor in Electronics and Communication from Delhi University and a Diploma in Marketing Management from YMCA, Delhi. After completing his studies, he embarked on a dynamic career in business development and management, working with companies such as  Bluestar , Philips India , Hewlett Packard India Pvt. Ltd , Dassault Systemes Pvt. Ltd .Manoj set up the India operation of Solidworks Corporation from scratch  and was responsible for making them the undisputed market leader in short span of 7 years in the mainstream CAD market in India. In addition to Blisstree Solutions, Manoj is full time involved in setting up and running of Excel Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd , a Joint venture withDesignTech Systems Ltd .

Mrs. Vandana Mehta is the focal point that ‘people are indeed one of the most important assets in every organization’ makes the work culture at Blisstree a great place to work in. Vandana comes with 8 years of work experience from the Innovative and Creative world of Fashion working for some of the well known brands in India like Kalpana and Meena Bazaar , She graduated with a Masters in Home Science from Delhi University. Apart from heading the Creative Department for the company, Vandana also overlooks the Marketing Programs and interaction and development of Agency Partners. She is also on board of Excel Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd as Director of the company.

Mr. Akshay Mehta is fresh MBA from reputed institute and brings totally new perspective for newer technologies.

Mr Ankit Khanna is a 10 experience technical marketing professional.He is well connected with Design & Manufacturing engineers ,Managers & Business  owners & currently managing  & training digital marketing team for B2B marketing.